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Acts Interpretation Act 1915

Acts Interpretation Act 1915

Associations Incorporation Act 1985

An Act to make provision for the incorporation, administration and control of associations; and for other purposes

Civil Liability Act 1936

An Act to consolidate certain Acts relating to wrongs

Controlled Substances Act 1984

An Act to regulate or prohibit the manufacture, production, sale, supply, possession, handling or use of certain poisons, drugs, therapeutic and other substances, and of certain therapeutic devices; to repeal the Food and Drugs Act 1908; and for other related purposes.

Dangerous Substances Act 1979

An Act to regulate the keeping, handling, transporting, conveyance, use and disposal, and the quality, of dangerous substances; and for other purposes.

Dust Diseases Act 2005

An Act to provide more expeditious remedies for those suffering from disabilities resulting from exposure to dust; and for other purposes.

Environment Protection Act 1993

An Act to provide for the protection of the environment; to establish the Environment Protection Authority and define its functions and powers; and for other purposes

Explosives Act 1936

An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to explosives.

Fair Work Act 1994

An Act about the relationship of employer and employee; and other matters.

Freedom of Information Act 1991

An Act to provide for public access to official documents and records; to provide for the correction of public documents and records in appropriate cases; and for other purposes

Mines and Works Inspection Act 1920

An Act to make better provision for the regulation and inspection of mines and works, and for other purposes.

Motor Vehicles Act 1959

An Act to make provision for the registration of motor vehicles, drivers licences and third party motor insurance; and for other purposes.

Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare Act 1986 (Repealed)

Repealed 2012

Public and Environmental Health Act 1987

An Act dealing with public and environmental health; to repeal the Health Act 1935, the Noxious Trades Act 1934 and the Venereal Diseases Act 1947; and for other purposes

Radiation Protection and Control Act 1982

An Act to provide for the control of activities related to radioactive substances and radiation apparatus, and for protecting the environment and the health and safety of people against the harmful effects of radiation; and for other purposes

Rail Safety Act 1996

An Act to promote the safe construction, maintenance and operation of railways as part of a national approach to rail safety regulation; and for other purposes.

Return to Work Corporation Act 1994

An Act to provide for the reconstitution of the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Corporation and its continuation under the name Return to Work Corporation of South Australia; to provide for its functions and powers; and for other purposes

Road Traffic Act 1961

An Act to consolidate and amend certain enactments relating to road traffic; and for other purposes

Subordinate Legislation Act 1978

An Act relating to the making, printing and publishing of certain subordinate legislation; and for other purposes.

Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993

An Act to protect persons disclosing illegal, dangerous or improper conduct; and for other purposes.

Workers Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 1986 (Repealed)

Repealed 2014