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Elevate Consulting SISA Member Offer

Thursday 1 February 2024

You may remember Prabha from our Closing the Loop event. She and her team of legal, behavioural change and multi-disciplinary positive duty experts at Elevate Consulting Partners are offering a free 15 minute consult for all SISA members.

In the wake of new ‘positive duty’ requirements in the Sex Discrimination Act, the mandate is clear: businesses must take proactive steps to eliminate sexual harassment. It's not just about responding to incidents but preventing them. Employers can now be liable for failing to prevent sexual harassment without the need for a complaint to be lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

A policy, one-off staff training and responding to reports of sexual harassment will not satisfy the new positive duty obligations.

Let the team at Elevat Consulting Partners guide you on this. You can chat through your questions and needs with the team who developed the positive duty standards, guidance material, compliance and enforcement teams with the Human Rights Commission.

Email with 'SISA Member' in the subject and your key questions and she'll facilitate this for you.