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Integrated Occupational Medical Services

Strategic Occupational Solutions (SOS)

Strategic Occupational Solutions (‘SOS’) provides a continuum of servicing aimed at assessment, recommendation and implementation to address barriers in the workplace. SOS can be utilised as an early intervention tool, or to assist with entrenched claims or finalising long term issues.  

Our point of difference is that the SOS team offer peer support, with a recognition that best results are achieved with a collaborative approach. The SOS team will provide ‘the right service at the right time’ and to achieve this, will liaise and undertake medical case conferencing with each other and treating doctors and specialists in order to progress claims and achieve return to work outcomes.

MOVE has partnered with medical experts to provide a specialist multidisciplinary team approach to provide strategic solutions to occupational health issues & injury. Given our years of combined experience in injury management, mental health, vocational rehabilitation and occupational medicine, we can provide creative solutions specialising in:

  • Crisis Assessment
  • Complex & long-term workers’ compensation claims
  • Psychological injury management
  • Early Intervention for both compensable and non-compensable injuries

A wide range of metropolitan and regional assistance with tailored solutions can be provided by our team.

For more details, please contact Lisa (State Manager SA):
MOVE Injury & Disability Support
Phone: + 61 8 8351 8077
Mobile: 0448 808 716

MOVE Injury and Disability Support

As a customer with MOVE, you can expect to work with quality consultants who are qualified, supervised and are technically equipped and trained. We have demonstrated our expertise in long term claims and enjoy innovating new solutions to meet our customer needs.

We are able to provide the full range of injury management solutions:

  • Rehabilitation & Return to Work Services
  • Allied health assessments – ADLs, Worksite assessments, Job Analysis, Ergonomic Assessments, functional capacity evaluations, graduated return to work programs
  • Exercise physiology programs
  • Pre-injury return to work support
  • Claims support & risk management
  • Complex claims specialisation & case management support
  • Medical case conferencing
  • Evidencing for S25(10)
  • Vocational assessment
  • Transferable skills analysis
  • Vocational planning & counselling
  • Labour Market Research & job matching
  • Retraining research & recommendations
  • Job seeking support
  • Restoration to community services
  • Counselling
  • Peer support/ mentoring program
  • Non-compensable conditions within the workplace
  • Mental health and coping
  • Emotional resilience programs
  • Strategic Occupational Solutions
  • Telehealth services

For more information please contact Lisa (State Manager SA) on:
MOVE Injury & Disability Support
Phone: + 61 8 8351 8077
Mobile: 0448 808 716



Introducing MOVE Injury & Disability Support (MOVE)

Introducing MOVE Injury & Disability Support (MOVE)

Why us?
As a customer with MOVE, you can expect to work with quality consultants who are qualified, supervised, and are technically equipped and trained.

In 2002, MOVE positioned as a boutique provider specialising in long term claims predominantly providing job seeking for workers separated from their pre-injury employer.  We have over 20 years expertise in return to work services with pre-injury employers, job seeking, transition and redeployment services for long term claims, and workers with serious injury.   
MOVE is experienced in providing a range of services for clients deemed to have experienced serious injury.  While compensating frameworks may differ for survivors of serious injury, our experience and understanding is that clients share similarities.  Our experience in successfully assisting clients following serious injury has been gained while providing rehabilitation services across a number of jurisdictions.Innovation: MOVE loves to innovate to meet gaps in services for our clients and customers. MOVE has over the years developed a range of innovations involving services such as resilience training, programs for physical and mental health and specialised services to address unique needs such as supporting people with long term worklessness. These include:

Job Database

Over the past 20 years MOVE has stored every position description, job analysis, job demands and task analysis. This database is available to assist employers and Agencies reduce costs with repeated assessment and enable a swift understanding of job demands.  
We also utilise this data base to influence medical clearance and assist clients with their vocational planning in order to identify suitable employment.  We regularly draw on this database to assist with career planning and identifying realistic job goals.

Community Link-Up

The aim of Community Linkup is to provide a personalised service to support Disability Support Consultants / Case Managers in their delivery of specialised services to assist clients following traumatic injury.

Exercise Physiology Programs / Capacity Building

MOVE has developed a capacity building program which is individualised, based on one-on-one training and commences with input from the client in regard to their own goals to ‘move’.  It is conducted over a 6- or 12-week time frame, twice weekly and concludes with a review of goal achievement. The program is aimed at improving injury recovery.

‘Navigate’ - Mental Health / Emotional Building Resilience Program

The program is formulated on the Seven Key Factors of Resilience and comprises six modules with a seventh module available as an elective.  

Delivery timing and pace are tailored however ideally, they are delivered over a 7- or 14-week period.  We can deliver face to face or via video-link.

Each client will be issued their own MAP (My Action Plan) whereby they will develop goals and associated activity to reach those goals.

This program is ideal followed by our ‘DRIVE’ job seeking program in order to maximise on return to work outcomes.

COVID-19 services

MOVE recognised that employers were struggling with how to meet their obligations with WHS. We offer:

  • Consultancy input with reviewing claim and providing recommendations
  • Providing support coordination / counselling to ensure workers linked with right services to support them through COVID-19 crisis (i.e a safe work practice at home, ADL / self-care, exercise program, restoration into community safely, mental health services)
  • Undertake ‘Welfare Checks’ as per employer obligations to ensure workers are safe.

For further information please contact Lisa Alexandrides on 0448 808 716